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James Stewardson, England - Born May 29th 1993, passed away Nov 12th 1999
Ashley Smith, America - Born June 26th 1992
Ebony Corscadden, Australia - Born May 15th 1999, passed away Nov 15th 2000
Jordan Stokes, England - Born Mar 25th 1994, passed away Jan 17th 1997
Daniel Johnson, Australia - Born Dec 5th 1989
Maria Jesus Candela, Spain - Born Sep 27th 1996
Edwin Bouchard, France - Born Jan 24th 1992
Kieren Latham, Australia - Born May 5th 1989, passed away July 1st 1990
Marissa Buchanan, America - Born Sep 20th 1991
Sarah Gladhill, America - Born May 21st 1998, passed away Oct 27th 1998

When our son James Stewardson was first diagnosed in April 1994, we were led to believe James was the only child in the world alive at that time with TPI deficiency. Over the next few months we discovered another 3 TPI families and since we launched the TPI Trust Internet Home Page in May 1996, we have found other TPI families in America, Australia, France and Spain.

We have got to know all the families very well and communicate regularly either personally, as was the case with Jordan Stokes in the UK or by letter, e-mail. With the Smith family in America we have regular Internet Video Conferences.

It is also very likely the TPI families world-wide are related and very possible the faulty gene originated from a one family many generations ago!

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