Fund-Raisng Events and Amount Raised to Date

We were set a target of 100,000 to fund a 2 year project, this was to rise to 214,000 when the Draft Proposal was received and subsequently rose to 229,000 when 15,000 was sent to fund Professor Susan Hollan's TPI research in Hungary. Another 20,000 was given towards the Hungary project in January 1997, followed by a further 20,000 in 1998.

These grants to Professor Susan Hollan in Hungary upped the projected cost of the 3 year program to be in the region of 260,000.

To date we have raised almost 350,000 and were able to extend the 3 year project by a further 12 months to the end of 1999.

The TPI research at Kings is now on hold awaiting further funding

Fund-raising continues, albeit at a slower pace here in the UK, but in Australia the family of baby TPI sufferer Ebony are determined to raise the necessary funds to continue the TPI research.

Once again we were unsuccesful in applying for a grant application from the National Lottery.

Fund-raising started in July 1994 with a Car Boot Sale, which raised 800. Soon after that James's story featured in the local press and his family were interviewed on local TV and Radio. This proved to be the break needed and from then onwards friends, relatives, work colleagues, neighbours and people the family did not know came forward to help. The media were kept informed via weekly faxes etc,etc and within 2 months over 40,000 was raised!

The fund continued to rise as follows:-

End of October 1994 - 60,000

End of December 1994 - 90,000

End of March 1995 - 120,000

End of June 1995 - 144,000

End of September 1995 - 170,000

End of December 1995 - 195,000

End of March 1996 - 225,000

End of June 1996 - 245,000

End of September 1996 - 255,000

End of December 1996 - 265,000

End of April 1997 - 270,000

End of December 1998 - 310,000

End of September 1999 - 330,000

End of April 2000 - 350,000

Listed below are some of the fund-raising events:-

There have been many, many more fund-raising events, far to many to mention them all.

Donations include:-

5,000 donation from the Duchess of York.

3,000 donation from Mike Pickering of Manchester Dance Band 'M People'.

1,000 donation from S McBrien (Niall Quinn's friend).

1,000 donation from Bramhall Round Table.

1,000 donation from Financial Options, Salford Quays.