Daniel Johnston

Daniel Josef Johnston: Born 5th December 1989.

Daniel with Sister Lainie

Daniel with Sister Lainie

One of the early letters from Bev and Grant Latham referred to another Australian TPI Child, Daniel Johnston. Eventually the Stewardson's tracked the family down and were amazed to hear that Daniel now aged almost 6 years was in relatively good health.

Daniel did not start with the neurological aspects until after the age of 2 years, by which time he was walking normally. Since then Daniel has been attending mainstream school and although TPI is slowly affecting his ability to walk unaided, he is in remarkably good spirits. What is most encouraging about Daniel is that TPI does not appear to affect his intelligence, the medical profession are still unsure about this, but we can tell from the intelligence of our son James that this part of the brain appears to be unaffected. This is good news for TPI patients long term prospects if a treatment or cure can be found.

Like the Stewardson's, the Johnston's thought there child was the only TPI child alive for some considerable time and during that period amassed as much data as they could, corresponding all around the world.

Like Kieran Latham, Daniel bears a uncanny resemblence to James!

Daniel is in the care of Dr Lammi at The Royal Children's Hospital, Sidney.

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The E-Mail address is : danielj@tpgi.com.au